The sunniest start-up in Paris

From left to right Gatien, Guillaume, Gilles, the 3G of solar cooking.
We are a young start-up but with a long history.
In a nutshell, we start from scratch but with a huge, huge « motivation »!

"Solar-Brother" spirit

From the young camper who starts his first wood fire with a solar lighter, to the industrial which operates solar thermal megawatts, by way of the foodie who do solar cooking, the principle is simple:
The sunrays are reflected on a mirror surface in order to be concentrated and focused on a precise point, enabling to heat or ignite.

If the principle is old like the world, or at least old as Archimedes, the technology is innovative and is at the heart of the activity.

Version Archimède


La version "cool" - Solar-Brother

The lastest of the range

The Suncase alone illustrates both the simplicity of the concept and the effectiveness of the technology employed. This "solar lighter" is design, holds in the pocket, and it can light everything immediately (paper, wood, coal, tobacco, cardboard, straw, incense ...) even in high wind. It preserves the planet by making the disposable lighter durable, while disseminating knowledge of solar energy. How? Just open its wings, orientate it to the Sun and light what you wish. Simple!

It is the curvature of the wings, the mirrors used, the calculation of the focal length which allow it to ensure an immediate ignition in the sun ...
We often hear: And at night how do you do?
When the question is: When it is sunny how do you do? You cook with gas, charcoal, nuclear? Today, you know that the alternativ exists

The road is long...

We are a young start-up but with a long history. We have been through many slog.

When he was 30 years old, Gilles was looking for a purpose in his work and to be in accord with his humanistic values.

He went to Tombouctou to find inspiration. From this meeting with Africa, he came back with the willingness of developping thermal solar and especially the solar cooking to ease life in Africa, and in particular solar cooking to make life easier for people and to fight lung problems directly related to wood burning in confined spaces, against deforestation and soil erosion. Returning from his end of the world, Gilles brings back all the Sun "Solar Brother" needed in his suitcases.

From 2m² on a street market... to a factory in Meaux.

Gilles Gallo is an old hand in solar cooking.

Since 12 years, Gilles has accumulated a substantial field experience. Today he is well-known as a key actor in the concentrated solar technology in Europe.

Relentless, he started on the street market in Toulon selling solar lighters (the ancestor of the  Suncase).

Gilles has rapidly become an inventor and a conceptor of solutions.
In 2011 he buys a factory in Meaux to produce his own mirror, the engine in all our conceptions, the S-Reflect mirror, used today by many popes of the solar cooking worldwide.

Our failures make us stronger!

But solar energy is not that easy, especially when you are a pioneer in Europe. So we sometimes fail.
Completely abandoned by politicians who were more interested in an article in a newspaper than by employment in solar ; a week after his intervention at the COP21, he closes shop ...
But he doesn't give up. He decides to start from scratch with a reduced but passionated and motivated team (one must be to work day and night without wages).


Corinne, the creator who is full of ideas. Specialized in brand identity, Corinne is behind all the graphic creations as well as the patent of the Suncase.

Gatien, an engineer, had already joined Gilles in 2011. He manages the entire Research & Development and Supply. He accompanied the CEA in tests of solar power stations based on our technology.

Guillaume, former web provider, is responsible for managing all web communication and webmarketing.

And we go forward...

2 months ago we won 3 prices at the Concours Lépine:

We just won the contest of Nature & Découvertes:

and we also started a new brand "Solar-Brother" which is more in accordance with our principles, we want to tell everybody that the "Solar energy works" with it!

Don't hesitate to spread the word: The solar energy works!

Our vision :
Sustainable entrepreneurship and participation in a cleaner, more beautiful and supportive world.

With its whole range of products and its strategy in 3 axes, Solar Brother is now developing the knowledge and use of concentrated solar in the world in order to facilitate its access and make it one of the energies of the 3rd millennium.

From the young boy who lights his first campfire, to the Africans who build their own solar ovens in specialized workshops, by way of the fine gourmets who use our barbecues.

Our strategy is based on 3 axes:

1. Development of a solar range of demonstration and experimentation products of concentrated solar energy.

2. The design and sale of solar mirror for do-it-yourselfers and Africa.
We sell OUR solar mirrors in small quantities, for DIY customers who wish to create their own designs (free plans are available on our website) and in larger quantities for associations in Africa who wish to carry out solar cooking workshops (we help organize and finance these workshops)

We currently have three tests underway in Madagascar, Togo and Senegal.

3. Our future (still secret defense)

It's time to put Sun in your plates. And we'll do it!

Be solar:

Spread the word!

Our products are innovative, powerful but still largely unknown.

So we would most delighted if you could share the solar experience with YOUR friends, YOUR community or YOUR readers.

Buy from us!

We are a french compagny, innovative, pioneer. We invent and design products. We also sell those of others that are beautiful, efficient as well as effective.

Buying from us can clearly help us going further, designing new products... Of the four partners, only Gilles is paid.

In short, if passion makes us vibrate, money is necessarily the motor of the adventure! By purchasing from us, you finance:
  • Improvements to be made on the site, notably on the recipies and DIY sections,
  • Our new creations,
  • Our commercial approaches,
  • The development of the Solar-Brother range
  • And you become de facto, a Solar-Brother, ready to spread around you the simple and efficient use of solar energy: A non-polluting energy, available and free!

The whole team...

Gilles, Corinne, Guillaume, Cécile, Gatien, Guillaume and Charles & Marie : Solar Brother !
The sunniest start-up in Paris.

Did you know? 8 billion disposable lighters are consumed PER YEAR.

But-to-end this represents the Earth-Moon distance. What if we changed that ...
"Whaou too strong! They use what as a mirror? - Archimedes
Man, we use our mirror, which is also distributed here, the S-Reflect ... and if you want we also distribute plans of self-construction. - IDCOOK
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