About us

We are solar ! 

IDCOOK is the consumer brand of SUNITED Group.

We are a French SME, based near Paris (Meaux, 77). We focus on concentrated solar power (CSP).

Our vision : explor every opportunity given by concentrated solar power to contribute to a sustainable world

We started with the development of consumer products, that we now expand to all continents (see ou retail partners)

For the past three years, we have been working on an ambitious R&D program, aiming a 2016 launch of a breakthrough low-cost technology of industrial solar heat, suited to a vast array of sectors, including : food & beverages, chemicals, mining, thermal power plants, desalinization or catering

concentrateur Sunited


Creating IDCOOK 
Launching the first solar lighter
Launching the first solar oven
Developing and launching the S-Reflect, a high-grade, high-resistant flexible mirror, now used on our whole range and used by DIY-entousiasts of their own solar cooker.

Launching solar barbecues 

Getting the legal status of Jeune Entreprise Innovante (JEI), Young Innovative Company
Launching the R&D program of Solar Heat Industrial Process (SHIP) 
The COOKUP 200 solar barbecue is awarded with the Janus de l’industrie, on the eco-design category
Starting selling abroad : European markets
Starting partnering with NGO's, to favor the use of solar cooking in developing countries.   
Launching the B*Fly, the first dual-energy solar and gaz lighter in the world.A patented innovation and a instant proof of solar power !

Developing sales outside Europe
The first industrial solar concentrator prototype is built and tested in Annecy (French Alps), with our partner INES - CEA

Export now reaches 50% of turnover 

The range now includes 4 ovens, 2 barbecues, 2 lighters and a range of accessories for a successful solar cooking.


They support us : 



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