S-REFLECT 175 µ - Solar reflector

S-REFLECT is a solar mirror to be used as a reflector, with equivalent performance to mirrored polished aluminium or mirrored glass/plate-glass.

The S-REFLECT solar reflector is manufactured from polymers with a thin layer of pure aluminium to provide the mirror effect. It is protected from solar (UV) radiation and humidity with a protective coating.

It is the ideal material for building the solar reflectors of your solar barbecue or solar cooker. In offers excellent reflectivity, thus guaranteeing the superior performance of your solar cooker.

Highly reflective

Ultra light and flexible

  • Withstands outdoor conditions

Details and Benefits

  • Cost-effective
  • Width: 0.175 mm (175µm)
  • > 90% reflectivity
  • Life span: 3-5 years
  • Available in adhesive and non adhesive

Technical information

  • Materials: PET, aluminium
  • Weight from 0.5 kg (1m² non adhesive) to 5 kg (10m² adhesive)
  • Non-Adhesive : 10 m² version : 20 m running / 0.5 m width
  • Non-Adhesive : 1 m² version : 2 m running / 0.5 m width
  • Adhesive : 10 m² version : 20 m running / 0.5 m width
  • Adhesive : 1 m² version : 2 m running / 0.5 m width


Build your own solar oven downloading our solar cooking guideline here (in French only) or choose from our different DIY!

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