Solar Cooking Lab SunLab

The workshop for young solar chefs who innovate! An experience of soft solar cooking from 40 to 80°C, in 3 educational steps:
- Manufactures a solar oven, with the 3C rule: Concentration - Conservation - Capture
- Discover solar energy, the Sunlab solar cooker uses the sun energy.
- Cooks and invents gourmet and creative recipes
Fruits skewers and lollipops with melted chocolate, vegetable and cheese spreads.
Sunlab can reach a value between 40 and 80°C, during summer and winter, a gentle and natural cooking.

The SUNLAB, a fun cooker to take everywhere!

Compact, sustainable and lightweight (350 gr), it can be carried everywhere and can be used to heat a large choice of dishes!
Contains: 9 S.Reflect mirrors, 1 thermometer (°C & °F), 1 ramekin and 1 silicone spoon mould, 2 wooden chopsticks, 1 educational user manual.

How does it work ?

  • Open the cooking drawer, place its preparation in a dish, close it again
  • Position facing the sun with the sight line
  • Orient the mirror panel using the rods to reflect the rays back into the transparent window, it gets hot!

About the product:

"Is it safe for kids?"

Cooking in the sun is smart, from 40 to 80°C. It is secured by wooden rods that prevent the unintentional opening of the cooking drawer, it requires the supervision of an adult. The SUNLAB leaves a great deal of autonomy to the child.

"What can we cook and how much time will it take?"

Many gourmet experiences, melted chocolate in 10 minutes, processed cheese in 20 minutes, reheat dishes, pasta, rice,... pizza 30 minutes

"At what age?" 

At any age from 6 years old, it allows you to manufacture, discover, cook withthe sun and thus to learn in a fun way about solar thermal technology.

Combine fun with ecology

Important to know: The SUNLAB, in addition to offering a fun system for your children, will give them the opportunity to raise their ecological awareness through a reusable product, including a functioning within its packaging and of course, using solar energy

Advantages and characteristics:

  • Fast and tasty experiences
  • Ecological and reusable
  • Made in France.
  • Zero waste
  • Soft cooking, 40 to 80°C, secure
  • Pedagogical, Fun and Solar

Technical aspect :

  • Weight: 350 g
  • Material : 
  • Product size :
  • Made under the french sun ! 
  • REF : SL

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