Ecozoom rocket stove

EcoZoom rocket stove

The Ecozoom rocket stove uses wood, charcoal, or any other solid biomass. It is perfect for camping, outdoor cooking or emergency situation. The Ecozoom is a stove with a combustion chamber perfectly insulated which forces the gas to mix in the flames, thus the toxic emissions are highly reduced while the excellent efficiency is preserved. The insulation in the combustion chamber and its door are made of refractory metal for an optimal durability. The two doors (the one from the combustion chamber and the one for air regulation) are made of reinforced metal, they are fixed with hinge to close entirely the door for air regulation purposes.

The Ecozoom has a sturdy cooktop in cast iron with 3 axes, it can hold a flat or round bottom pan. The EcoZoom has two stainless steel carrying handles with silicone reinforcement to help you move the stove.

The Ecozoom offers great power, with a portability maximale, ideale for an outdoor cooking experience!


  • Light ceramic fiber insulation
  • Support for fuel insertion 
  • Rugged 3-spoke hob
  • Painted metal body with reinforced metal door


  • Thermal efficiency of 38%
  • Average emission savings of 70%
  • Average fuel economy of 53%
  • Package dimensions: 32 x 32 cm x 34
  • Output power: 4.1 kW (high power), 2.3 kW (low power)

Please find a test done by a customer in the video below:

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