Dual Energy lighter SUNCASE with customizable imprinting

An original present for friends or as a business gift, with customizable imprinting

The SUNCASE is a Dual energy lighter (solar & gas). Solar ignition by sun rays concentration is as effective as gas ignition. You can light twigs, paper, tobacco, coal, incense. 

  • Immediate Start
  • Dual Energy Solar & Gas
  • No risk of inflammation thanks to polycarbonate

How to use

Simply point SUNCASE mirrors in maximum aperture facing the sun and bring the focal point on the area to light, parabolic mirrors focus instantaneously on this heating point, the ignition is immediate by sunny weather.

Benefits and special features

  • Compact Design
  • Customization from 70 units
  • World Patented Dual Energy system
  • Set of 7 Colors : Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, White, Black
  • Gas lighter not included
  • Compatible with BIC ® mini lighter
  • Works in high winds
  • Do not depend on outside temperatures

Technical information

  • Materials: ABS et recycled Polycarbonate
  • Weight: 12 gr / 0,41 oz
  • Solde by unity or in stands of 28 units (7 colors x 4)
  • Dimensions: 30*20*70 mm / 1,18*0,79*3,03 in
  • Mirror S-ReflecT©
  • Mirror and packaging made In France
  • Imprinting on one side, one color (silver is suggested as it combines better with all 7 colors of lighters) Download the technical data sheet
  • After order has been confirmed, please send us the picture to imprint, in a vector format (bitmap) to sales@solarbrother.com, mentioning the invoice number and any specifications you would like us to consider

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