mai 13, 2017
Concours Lépine : 1 équipe, 12 jours, 3 récompenses !

Lepine Contest : 1 team, 12 days, 3 rewards!

Concours Lépine 2017, we were there!

  • 12 days of fun where we met thousands of persons
  • 12 days on our superb solar stand, proud to wear our "Solar Brother" TeeShirt 
  • 3 rewards won

Let me tell you this story:

Let the show begin:

April. 27 2017: And here we are, to the 116eme edition of the Concours Lepine 2017 on our superb solar stand, proud to wear our "Solar Brother" Tee Shirts.

SUNcase et Idcook.comau salon lépine 2017

From left to right: Gatien, Guillaume, Guillaume and Gilles

We introduced the Suncase, our solar lighter new generation as well as the ultra-portable solar cooker EasyCook.

We have the flyers, the TeeShirts, the videos... In short, we are ready!

 Days follow one another..

Not easy everyday, to do solar demontrations inside but we met the challenges!

Guillaume, our champion of the demonstration.

At the Concours Lépine, we also go there to talk about us!

Gilles is ready for interviews.

M6, BFM, LCI France Inter… It does not end.




Every evening, outTous les soirs, exhausted, we take a beer with the other  exhibitors.

We can not stand anymore.

From time to time, a tractor goes through the aisle. Everything is normal..


The public is curious, we meet fans as well.

We talk about our history, the team, Africa, solar....

And here it is, the day the inventor are waiting for...

The Lepine ceremonies. The room is full. Journalists and inventors gather.


The whole team is here.
Gilles, Gatien, Guillaume S and Guillaume P, we do not forget Corine, inventor of the Suncase and Charles and Marie "Guest Stars".



And our turn arrives:

  • Corine, for the solar lighter : "Silver Plate of the Ministry of Defense and Bronze Medal"
  • Gilles, for the EasyCook ultra-portable solar oven, AIFF medal (association of inventors and French manufacturer)


It's us ! We won a price !

And pay attention not 1 but 3 prices! Wow!

The solar lighter dual-energy SUNcase, ultra-light, and usable to life, has seduced the ministry of Defense for its "Survival" side.

And the ultra-light solar cooker EasyCook has seduced the inventors for its pratical and functionnal side.

We were very glad! So, we take advantage of the champagne ...

... and we do some photos

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the people we met at the exhibition, thank you !

But now it's time to move on.
It's soon Mother's Day, Father's Day, the sun shows the tip of his nose, in short the season of solar cooking begins!

You want to start the season with "Lepine" innovations?

The solar cooker EasyCook, light and autorized everywhere!

 The solar lighter "to life"

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