octobre 23, 2015

Build your own solar cooker

Solar cooking is fine ... but build your own solar cooker is better and above all, it is fun !

It is not survivalism, but build your own solar cooker, use the sun as a free energy and, why not, cook what you produce in your own garden will provide you a huge self-reward.

Many do-it-yourselfers practice this hobby and we celebrate them in this post :

Like Jean-Luc, who just send us a tutorial on how to build a top solar cooker (parabola) : 

Or Marc, who adapted our COOK UP 200 barbecue and transformed it into a roasting apparatus :


Should you only be a basic do-it-yoursefler (we don't blame you !), IDCOOK takes care of everything : 

- the flexible mirror, easy to use : solar reflectors

- a complete guide to build your own solar cooker (in French, sorry !): télécharger ici


We widh you pleasant sundays :) and do not hesitate to send us some pictures !

Sunny regards,

Laura, from IDCOOK

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