septembre 17, 2015

Tips on solar cooking

Welcome to the world of sunny-taste solar cooking ! 

This new way of sustainable cooking will provide you with many satisfactions and rewards

Sure, solar cooking requires some more time (15-20 mn vs the gas or coal equivalent). But this additional time frame is more than compensated with other benefits : 

  1. soft cooking, resulting in a unique taste and texture, as well as preserved nutrients 
  2. total security, with no fire hazard, even if you forget
  3. magic and fun, with a true moment to share with friends and family 

A few tips to remember for a perfect solar cooking :

  • Always use a black container in order to maximize absorption of the sun’s rays
  • If windy, the container should be placed in the transparent cooking bag, to limit heat losses. If you use the grill, be sure to place the barbecue in a place protected from the wind
  • The less water you use, the shorter the cooking time. Also, favor chunks and not whole vegetables or pieces of meat.
  • Avoid checking too often, since every opening of the pot adds some cooking time.
  • Just as with a traditional oven, set the sun oven or the barbecue out and pre-heat the container for 20mn, before adding the food.

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